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The Vertical World

It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult. (Seneca)

Some man said: "Vertical sports and the presence of danger force us into the now, into being here in this moment. Maybe that's what makes them so appealing. Maybe it's also their greatest gift." I really don't know why do I go climbing cliffs and mountains but I feel in my heart he's true. If you like climbing we can talk about it or better take a rope and carabiners to climb a rock...

I usually go climb sandstone rocks because sandstone creates amazing rock towers and their breathtaking shape call on me to do a great ascent. Having enough time and money I leave for mountains, where I enjoy long routes, mixed rock and ice or winter routes.

The following is a list of areas I visited for climbing:

Climbing areas






Fanskye Mountains

In the summer 1993, me and my friend went together by train to Tajikistan where we wanted to climb up a few peaks in the northwest part of the country. I know this mountains as the Fanskye mountains or Kukhestan. Their peaks tower over 5000 m above the sea level but between ridges you can find beautiful green valleys with many rivers and lakes.

What about climbing over there? You can choose between rock and mixed terrain or even routes on ice only. But you should be aware of quite poor quality of the rock. I took a lot of pictures when I was in the Tajikistan mountains and in my gallery you can see some examples of them.



Topos and guidebooks are available at Filidor (in German, French and Italien).

Czech Republic



The High Tatra Mountains

The High Tatra mountains (Vysoke Tatry) are located in Slovakia and they are the most north and the highest part of 1200 km long Carpathian bow. The main ridge leads in the west-east direction in the length of 78 km. The whole area of Tatra mountains is 786 sq. km. The mountains are divided to two parts: Western and Eastern Tatra.

The Eastern Tatra have two parts - Vysoke Tatry (High Tatra) and Belianske Tatry. The length of ridge of High Tatra is 26.5 km. The highest peaks are Gerlachovsky stit (2655 m), Gerlachovska veza (2642 m), Lomnicky stit (2632 m) and Ladovy stit (2627 m).

The mountains consist mostly of granite and there are no glaciers.

In High Tatras, I have done mostly mixed climbing in winter.

Jan Merka 2007-01-21