The Terrestrial Bow Shock: Models and Observations

Table of contents



Bow Shock Theories

GD Shock

Magnetosheath Thickness

Spreiter's GD Shock

GD Models

Formisano's Model

Nemecek and Safrankova's Model

Peredo et al. Model

Farris and Russell's Model

MHD Theory

Cairns and Lyon's Model

Data Set

IMP 8 Orbit

IMP 8 BS Crossings


BS Models' Properties

Method of Analysis

Results: IMF Dependence

Results: Plasma Parameters Dependences

Results: Angular Dependences

Distant SW Monitor

Field-aligned SW Flow

Bow Shocks for Field-aligned SW Flow


Author: Jan Merka


Further information:
Invited talk presented at 11th Week of Doctoral Students, June 11-14, 2002, Prague, Czech Republic.